The OMV-SfN chapter can make one nomination each for graduate student and postdoctoral travel awards to attend the national SfN meeting in the fall.  Applicants must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Nominee must have participated in the OMV Neuroscience Day on June 7th
  • Nominees must be first author of an abstract to be presented at the annual meeting with an abstract of the highest scientific merit
  • The nominee and his or her advisor must be active members of SfN (provide membership ID numbers)
  • The nominee must be a graduate student who has advanced to candidacy for a PhD or a postdoctoral fellow
  • Nominee may not be nominated by the chapter for an award two years in a row
  • Nominee is not a recipient of another SfN travel award in the same year


In order to be considered for the nomination, please send the following materials to Mark Baccei ( no later than Friday, May 31st:


  • Copy of the abstract submitted for the 2013 SfN national meeting
  • A one-page letter of recommendation from the nominee’s mentor/advisor commenting on the nominee’s contributions to neuroscience research
  • Applicant’s one-page CV, including education (graduate student nominees must include the date they advanced to PhD candidacy and PhD nominees must include the date they were awarded their postdoctoral degree), honors/awards, and publications (abstracts and manuscripts)
  • A brief summary of your research focus (250 words or less)
  • Description of neuroscience outreach activities that you participated in this year and any contributions you made to the OMV chapter (150 words or less)
  • A brief description of the funds, other than this award, that will be available to support your travel to the national SfN meeting


Additional information on these travel awards can be found at:


Please contact Mark Baccei with questions regarding this award.