Business Minutes from the 2023 Winter Meeting at Miami University
Officer Elections: (This slate of officers was approved for 2023)
Dr. Dawn Blitz, Chapter President, Miami University
Dr. Steve Davidson, President-Elect, Representative from University of Cincinnati
Dr. Tracy Butler, Representative from University of Dayton
Dr. Keiichiro Susuki, Representative from Wright State University
Dr. Adrian Corbett, Chapter Secretary/Treasurer, Wright State University

Secretary/Treasurer’s Report
Last Year’s Neuroscience Day at Wright State only cost about $3,000, leaving us a little over $5,000 in the bank. The Lunch Vouchers used helped tremendously to lower the cost of the meeting, as catering lunch would have cost over $20/person. $10 Lunch Vouchers enabled participants to choose whatever they wanted for lunch from the Student Union cafeteria, and the large cafeteria increased space between groups, allowing for COVID spacing. We will be discussing membership dues in the next session and the Treasurer recommends increasing Faculty dues to $50, to help offset the loss of grants from the main Society for Neuroscience.
Membership Dues
Chapter President Dawn Blitz led this discussion. Initially a $10.00 increase in faculty dues was proposed, but as the constituents began talking, someone proposed making membership free for students (undergraduate and graduate). In order to do this, a proposal was made to increase the faculty dues to $50, which is still a small amount for the faculty. This change would eliminate the need to invoice the schools for their student membership fees, which our chapter no longer has the ability to do with the new Converge system associated with our bank. No change was made to the Post-doctoral/Staff membership level: it remains $10.00. These changes were approved by the membership at the Winter Meeting. The membership dues links have been blocked on the Chapter’s website, pending the changes to the dues structure working into the hyperlinks. The treasurer anticipates opening this links in early April.
2023 Neuroscience Day at Miami University
Neuroscience Day will be on June 2nd, 2023, in person, at Miami University. All students, please make sure you both register for the meeting AND fill out the membership form (free for all students) on our website Everyone must be BOTH registered and a member of the Chapter to attend.

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