Brain Bee


The Brain Bee is a not-for-profit neuroscience competition for high school students on the local, national, and international levels. It is an attempt to motivate high school students (ages 13-19) to learn about the brain, to capture their imaginations, and to inspire them to pursue careers in biomedical brain research. The winner of each Local Bee is invited to attend a National Brain Bee competition in his or her own country, and the winner of each National Bee is invited to compete in the International Brain Bee Championship.
The program gives students the opportunity to learn about the brain, learn about neuroscience research, and find out about careers in neuroscience.
Competition format
The Brain Bee event requires a live question-and-answer exam; however, other components are flexible. Recommended components could involve a written quiz, identification of neuroanatomy and neurohistology, and patient diagnosis. The event is typically hosted on a college campus, and may include scientific lectures and poster sessions, in addition to the Brain Bee.
How you can help
We are in the early stages of planning, and are in need of faculty, graduate student, and senior undergraduate student volunteers to help coordinate, plan, and recruit participants. Once planned, we will be in need of additional volunteers to help with the coordination and hosting of the event.